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Alden Lets The Penny Drop In Color 8 Shell Cordovan

If you don’t have a great pair of loafers already, then get on it and get your Ametora on. And if you already have a solid pair—why not upgrade to a truly transcendent one??

Alden has been in the business of insanely-great shoes for nearly as long as the United States has existed and their penny loafer is second to none. Now, cut those classic shoes from their legendary Color 8 Shell Cordovan and you have a pair of shoes so nice you’ll have to be careful not to drool on ’em.

360 degree Goodyear welting, a steel shank, and the pride of owning one of the greatest shoes ever made are all some perks of the Alden penny loafers. Truly no better shoe for summer, a loafer lets you embrace the more refined side of your wardrobe, especially on summer days when the old boots and jeans seem a little too suffocating.

Available for $772 at Snake Oil Provisions