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Corridor Dyes With Charcoal For Its Natural Dye Nylon Rain Jacket

Just because a fabric is synthetic doesn’t mean the dyes have to be! Corridor NYC is just the brand to blur those lines, bringing an all-natural hue to their nylon jacket.

The Charcoal Rainjacket may not be coming out of your closet this month, but this newest piece by Corridor has everything you’d need in your waterproof layer. The nylon, milled in Japan, is naturally waterproof and dyed with charcoal. It features a three-piece snap-off hood, a reinforced half-moon collar, and a snap placket and cuffs.

Nylon ages well on its own, but the addition of Corridor’s all-natural charcoal should take this garment over the edge. Be prepared for a lifetime of patina and staying dry.

Available for $325 at Corridor NYC