Division Road Launches Its Army Work Club Capsule In Collaboration With Iron Heart, Wesco, and Dehen 1920

There are brands that do collaborations and then there are brands that form militaries with their colleagues. Division Road has teamed up with powerhouses Wesco, Iron Heart, and Dehen 1920 for what could possibly pass for the 2025 official U.S. Army uniform. I’d join. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Division Road’s home base, the uniform of the Division Road Army features elements of militaria, workwear, heritage fashion, and motorcycle culture, all wrapped in a rugged, autumnal palette.

The beauty of a multi-company colla-military is that you can play to each member’s strengths. The 5-star generals over at Division Road enlisted three highly esteemed heritage brands together to form a world superpower. There are no weaknesses.

So, what’s actually in this capsule?  To start, the Dehen 1920 AWC Letterman Club Knit Jacket in Bark & Goldmine is a heavy knit, in house-worsted wool letterman jacket featuring contrasting sleeves, D pockets, and a monogram chain stitch embroidered logo. The Wesco WC Foreman Vibram Christy boot in black & brown CXL Horsehide was inspired by linemen and loggers of the past century, featuring quality, time-tested components, and construction techniques.

The Iron Heart AWC 502DR Serviceman pants are made from 11 oz. olive drab whipcord, feature a classic tapered fit, and highlight the functionality of cargo pockets. Meanwhile,  the Iron Heart AWX 602DR Tradesman in 11 oz. black selvedge twill stands out with its double front knee panels and a militia of rivets for reinforcement.

All items come with embroidered triangular tribute badges to signify your place in the Division Road Army. Yup, have a smoke, Grunt—this just got real.

Available from $365 at Division Road