Raw Denim Overalls – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

While workwear might be one of the most popular styles of clothing, especially among denim aficionados, some types of workwear are a bit too serious for the casual fan of workwear. That said, if you’re serious about this style of clothing certain garments, such as raw overalls, might be right up your alley. That’s why we’ve select some of the best options out there. They might not be for everyone but if you like them they’ll easily find their way into your rotation.

1) Pointer: High Back Denim Overalls

Raw-Denim-Overalls---Five-Plus-One 1) Pointer: High Back Denim Overalls

Pointer is well known as one of the most affordable workwear brands, and their High Back Denim Overalls are one of their most compelling options. Made of lightweight, unsanforized denim, these overalls feature a full cut, making them as breathable as a pair of overalls can be. With bar tacks for reinforcement, a hammer loop, and a multitude of pockets, these overalls are both strong and versatile regardless of if you’re actually going to be working in them or just want to look the part.

Available for $94 from L.C. King.

2) Naked & Famous: Left Hand Twill Overalls


It should come as no surprise that Naked & Famous makes a great pair of overalls. Their Left Hand Twill Overalls are made in Canada from 13.75oz. Japanese denim, and feature N&F’s popular Weird Guy fit below the waist. With front hand pockets and a large chest pocket, these overalls are about as classic as they come but with a fairly modern fit (at least when it comes to overalls).

Available for $295 from Ssense.

3) Momotaro: Going To Battle Overalls


Everyone has their favorite denim brand, and if Momotaro is your jam then there is no better pair of overalls than their Going to Battle Overalls. Featuring Momo’s famous battle stripes on the back right pocket, these overalls are made from a proprietary 12oz. denim with pink bar tacks to bring in that classic, Momo peach colorway. They are completed with custom, peach branded rivets and a Universal gold zipper at the fly.

Available for $295 from Okayama Denim.

4) Sauce Zhan: BD01 Selvedge Overalls


Sauce Zhan is a lesser known brand, but they make some great products at quite affordable prices. Their BD01 Selvedge Overalls are about as great of a bargain as you’re going to find — made from raw, selvedge denim, these overalls have everything you’d expect to find in a good pair of overalls: a ton of pockets, great reinforcement, and a more tapered fit that makes these easier to wear casually than many others on the market.

Available for $89 from Alibaba.

5) Studio d’Artisan: G-008 14Oz. G3 Overalls


If you are looking for a classic, wide cut pair of overalls and only want the best, then Studio d’Artisan’s G-008 14oz. G3 Overalls might be just the ticket. Made from, you guessed it, 14oz. selvedge denim, these overalls feature a beautifully textured fabric, selvedge accents, and a simple design with enough pockets for everything you might want to carry.

Available for $382 from Denimio.

Plus One – Iron Heart: IH-805 21Oz. Overalls


Iron Heart or Iron Man? If you are already a fan of overalls and just want a pair that will last and last, then Iron Heart’s IH-805 21oz. Overalls are the obvious choice. Made from soft, 21Oz. Japanese selvedge denim, these overalls feature double-denim knees, rivets everywhere reinforcement is needed, a ton of pockets, and a beautiful pattern that will only get more and more attractive each time you look at it. While these certainly aren’t the cheapest overalls on the market, if you’re looking to splurge on something that will be with you for years to come, this pair is worth taking a look at.

Available for $475 from Iron Heart.