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Sacai Fuses MA-1 Jackets and Button Downs For Its Nylon Twill X Cotton Shirt

Now that we’re on the Blade Runner timeline, it’s appropriate that some First-Wave Dystopia stuff is hitting. And because Sacai specializes in that sort of thing, this Nylon Twill x Cotton Shirt hits extra hard.

A mashup of two extra different pieces—a standard button down and an MA-1—this Frankenjawn is made with both classic Oxford cotton and sturdy nylon twill and the contrast is stark, but in a good way. On the shirt tip, there’s a button front placket, a box pleat at the back, a point collar, and a curved hem; on the jacket end of the spectrum, there’s nylon panels at the inside of the arm and outside of the torso— tightly gathered on that bomber energy—welt pockets at the waist, and ribbing at the of the inside cuffs and the hips.

From some angles, it looks like a shirt, from others it looks like the aforementioned MA-1. If that all sounds like a lot, yes, but sometimes chaos works.

Available in Black and Khaki for $930 CAD ($694 USD) at Haven