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Tender Co.’s Short Sleeved Bench Shirt Comes In British-Woven Cotton Tote Cloth

If you descend deep into the Supefuture forums, you’ll eventually find the Tender Co. forum and *spoiler alert*, you’ll be blown away.

Tender Co. makes amazing plays on the classics, always using thoughtful materials, construction methods, and dyes — and this rendition of the brand’s Short Sleeve Bench Shirt is no exception. Though it might look like linen from afar, this shirt uses tote cloth, a simple, loosely-woven material that you’d presumably find on a rustic tote bag full of organic veg. All sewn by a husband and wife team on heavy-duty workwear machines, this breezy, beachy shirt will hold up well to all sorts of activities, and the texture will only improve as the years roll by.

Each shirt comes finished with a branded Tender Co. neck label, large singular chest pocket, and custom-made stamped solid aluminum buttons.

Available for $238 at Redcast Heritage