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Treat Your Pup To Some Patina With The Pigeon Tree Crafting Natural Indigo Dyed Vegtan Dog Collar

I have a dog and have most definitely bought my dog things to wear, regardless of his feelings on the matter. He owns multiple jackets, has a quiver of hoodies, an embarrassing number of costumes, and (pro tip coming) a number of Target t-shirts allegedly made for babies that fit him like a glove. These items all get roughly one use, but bad cost-per-wear doesn’t diminish the value of dog clothes. That’s just science. Anyways, if I were smarter about kitting him out, I’d be looking at this Pigeon Tree Crafting Indigo-Dyed Veg-Tanned Dog Collar.

For those that don’t know Pigeon Tree Crafting, here’s a quick primer:  it’s a one-man-show, and everything is handmade by that one man, Isaac Paul. He crafts, dyes, packages, and ships all his products himself, most of those involving leather. On to the collar.

Hand-dyed in a vat with natural indigo and made with the same attention to detail applied to his knockout belts, this collar features beveled edges, brass hardware, branded rivets, and a beeswax finish. Available in both 1” and 3/4” versions (for the smol bois out there), every collar also can be outfitted with a hand-stamped solid brass name tag*.

(*Mr. Paul says “your dog’s name and your contact phone number” but I encourage you to be creative. This is unsanctioned encouragement, mind you, but the penalties are light on my end.)

So, if you’re in the market for a new dawg collar and nylon isn’t cutting it, you know where to go. One thing to note, however:  if you have a light-colored dog, this collar is dyed with indigo and indigo will bleed. Do with that information what you will—pictures of indigo-dyed Bichons will always be welcome. 

Available for $55 at Pigeon Tree Crafting

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