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Carry Your Fade Game With Samurai’s 17 oz. Denim Tote Bag

Love raw denim jeans but hate the fact that books, a laptop, or those mid-sized objects from the flea market that aren’t as old as you think, won’t fit into your pockets? Yes, you could use your “hands” or a “backpack” but that’s wasted fade potential right there. Samurai recognized this exact problem, with some details fabricated by me and the rest assumed, and thus the 17 oz. Denim Tote Bag was born.

The tote features double stitching, a debossed, printed Rising Sun design on full-grain cowhide leather patch, and two side pockets in addition to its main compartment. Canvas totes, sleep with one eye open. When the world opens up again, this bag will rule all libraries, markets, and campuses. Until then, you get a pass to use it throughout your home to carry cereal boxes to the table or your charger to your bedroom. Gotta get that fading started somehow.

Available for $96 from Corlection