Cone Denim Commits to Sustainability In Partnership With Traceability Firm Oritain

Though Cone Denim no longer manufactures denim in the U.S., the company is very much still alive. Most recently, the brand has partnered with Oritain, a leader in sustainability and traceability, whose unique origin fingerprint technology can ensure the fibers in your jeans were produced ethically and sustainably.

Though almost all fashion brands have acknowledged the importance of sustainability, few have gone beyond mere lip-service to the cause. In order to ensure sustainability, you must first have traceability, in order to determine where the fibers in your fabrics originated.

Oritain, an expert in the field, uses something called the “origin fingerprint,” which catalogs the unique chemistry of fibers grown in different parts of the world. Unlike other tracers, Oritain doesn’t actually add anything to the substance, they don’t need to. Depending on the field, the climate, and the soil, each fiber has its own unique identity, which Britain can test against other locations’ fingerprints.

Oritain has managed to map 90% of the earth’s cotton, allowing them to double-check the veracity of a cotton’s origin. In this way, Cone Denim, by using their technology, can ensure they’re not taking in cotton produced in a place like Xinjiang, for example. By knowing where cotton comes from, brands like Cone can avoid locations and producers not committed to sustainability and ethics.

This collaboration will allow Cone customers to buy their fabrics with even greater confidence and peace of mind! It may not be made in the U.S. anymore, but at least you can be sure that Cone cottons will always be sustainable.