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Dip Your Toe Into Sashiko With Kiriko’s Miwa Ori Sashiko Wallet

You can never have too many pouches, and the Kiriko Miwa Ori Sashiko Wallet not only looks like a great pouch to stash your money in, but it looks like a great pouch to stash anything in. The fact that it’s intricately sashiko-stitched for reinforcement and as an ornamental detail is merely a bonus. A solid, functional, zipper pouch has 101 uses, including but not limited to:  storing receipts, quarters for laundry/parking, your own sashiko sewing kit, charging cables, your chapstick collection, tater tots, etc.

These versatile zipper pouches are handmade in Portland, from traditional Japanese fabrics, lined with chambray, and zip shut with a brass zipper (featuring a leather zip-pull). This pouch is a cool alternative to your everyday leather goodie, and would certainly age in a different way, considering it’s sashiko-reinforced fabric. Those contrasting white threads are practically begging to be rubbed with some sweaty indigo fades, and to be paired with some sashiko-patched jeans, and one day itself patched, I can’t be the the only one seeing this, can I?

Available for $45 in the Heddels Shop