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Division Road’s Shoe Trees Are Crafted From Aromatic Red Cedar

This isn’t the golden age of Fancy Shoes™. A year ago, it seemed like it could be, but whatever post-sneaker momentum was built in 2019 was transferred directly into slip-ons/house/shoes/sandals energy with a quickness. It’s not Fancy Shoes™ fault that the world shut down, but their ascendence hit a roadblock (don’t shoot the messenger). But they’re not going anywhere, assuming we can bounce back from this and attend events, like Work or Bar, again. And because they’re not going anywhere — both literally and figuratively — you better be taking care of the ones you got. Thankfully, Division Road is here for those preservation needs, with their Shoe Tree in Aromatic Red Cedar.

Made in the USA by Rochester Shoe Tree and exclusive to Division Road, these anatomically designed, hand-sanded shoe trees were made from a US-sourced Red Cedarwood — unfinished and kiln-dried — and feature an automatic spread split toe, a high-grade self-adjusting spring, brass knobs, and hardware and a laser engraving* to round it out.

(*If the choice comes down to “use lasers” or “don’t use lasers,” I really don’t know who’s like “no lasers for me thanks.” Anyways.

As Division Road said themselves, they were looking to create the “best shoe tree for an accessible price.” I’m not a Shoe Tree expert, but they make a good case. So, save your shoes during this dormant time.

Available in three different sizes for $40 at Division Road