Fade Friday – Uniqlo Slim Straight Selvedge Raw Denim Jeans (5 Years, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

Today Azizy Aris is proving to us that the only thing that matters in fading is dedication. For 5 years Azizy has worn his Uniqlo Selvedge Slim Fit jeans, managing to squeeze some impressive color and wear patterns in the process.

In their long run, these jeans have survived a blowout to the knee and rear pocket, and have been soaked 5 times with 2 washed for good measure. To say that Azizy has gotten his money’s worth out of these jeans would be a giant understatement as they look like they have shed several exosekeltons before being presented here today. Although there is no real shine to the denim itself, this is made up by the shivering whiskers, foggy wear on the thighs through the knees, and shadowy honeycombs along the back of the leg.

And something tells me Azizy isn’t hanging these up for good either so stay tuned for the 10-year post when the jeans are just completely white.

Uniqlo Slim Straight Selvedge Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: Unknown
  • Fabric source: Unknown
  • Made in: Unknown
  • Fit: Slim
  • Available at: currently unavilable