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Naked & Famous Stomps Into Fall/winter With Its 21 oz. Elephant 9 Weird Guy Jeans

Coming up with some of the most inventive and fun denim concepts to hit the raw denim community, Naked & Famous has gained a reputation for pushing the envelope—then mailing it out, then going out and designing a new envelope, and then sending that out too.

This time they are appeasing their cult following by releasing the Elephant 9 Wild Blue Selvedge in a Weird Guy fit. This annual heavyweight release comes in a 21 oz. western-wear inspired lighter indigo fabric this time around which means a fast pass to vintage-y fades than your normal raws. The fabric is slubby from bumpy and irregular yarns, which feels exactly like the skin of an actual elephant…maybe.

For those that are still clothed & unknown, the Weird Guy fit is their classic taper which is roomy from the waist to the hips and tapered from the knee to the hem. Made in Canada out of Japanese selvedge denim, the jeans are christened with a 10 oz. American bison leather patch…because the jeans were neither diverse nor heavy enough already.

Available for $187 at Franklin and Poe