Nappy Black Leather Lace-Up Boots – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

There is nothing better than a good pair of nappy boots. Whether they’re suede, roughout, chamois, or nubuck, the added texture elevates a good pair of boots to a great pair of boots. That’s why we put together a list of some of the best, nappy, black lace-up boots out there.

1) TXTURE: Manfred Boots in Black Roughout


TXTURE is known for its inexpensive, made-to-order boots that offer a lot of bang for the buck. These Manfred boots are made of a super nappy black roughout leather, and offer a lot in the construction department. Featuring veldtschoen construction, which combines stitchdown construction with a welt, and a Dainite outsole, these boot aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. While the flashy, white heel stitching might not appeal to everyone, that hardly detracts from what is a very compelling option overall.

Available for $235 from TXTURE.

2) Cheaney: Jarrow in Black Waxy Suede

Nappy,-Black-Lace-Up-Boots---Five-Plus-One 2) Cheaney: Jarrow in Black Waxy Suede

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap pair of boots but don’t want to wait for an MTO to come through, then Cheaney’s Jarrow boots might be a great option. They’re made from a waxy, suede leather with an almost velvet like appearance, and have fully blacked-out details. From the edge dressing and outsole to the stitching and eyelets, these boots are about as versatile as any pair of casual boots out there.

Available for £188 from Cheaney.

3) Diemme: Roccia in Vet Black Mohawk


For many of us, myself include, the texture of a nappy leather is of the utmost importance, and Diemme’s Roccia boots only serve to highlight how well a good leather can set a pair of boots apart from the competition. These highly textured boots are made in a traditional hiker pattern, and feature a lugged outsole and gusseted tongue. While the bright laces might not appeal to everyone, swapping them to some simple black laces would make these boots nothing short of gorgeous.

Available for $428CAD from Lost & Found.

4) Viberg: Service Boot in Charcoal Chamois Roughout


If you’re looking for some nappy, black leather boots and don’t mind spending some serious money, then Viberg’s Service Boot in Charcoal Chamois Roughout is worth considering. Made from Horween’s Charcoal Chamois Roughout, these boots featuring everything you’d expect from Vibergs: impeccable proportions, top notch materials, and some of the best construction out there. These boots are made with Lactae Hevea soles, which are made from coagulated latex and are both soft and durable.

Available for $705 from Division Road.

5) Alden: Princewell U-Tip in Black Suede


Alden makes some of the best casual boots out there, such as the Princewell U-Tip, which features a handsewn u-tip patter akin to their famous Indy boot but without the horizontal quarter stitch that is typically part of the style. With all black details except for the nickel eyelets, these boots are a great option if you’re looking from some everyday black leather boots but want a little texture. Sure, they’re not cheap, but if you plan to wear a pair into the ground then a quality boot will ensure they don’t break down on you prematurely.

Available for $650 from Brick and Mortar.

Plus One – Truman Boot Co: Wormhole in Baltic Kudu


Truman Boot Co. always makes some interesting boots, but their Wormwhole in Baltic Kudu is certainly one of the most memorable pairs of late. Made from C.F. Stead’s kudu leather, this pair features both smoothout and roughout orientations of the leather, but not in the way you might expect. The swap occurs between boots, where smooth vamps on one boot are rough on the other and rough quarters on one boot are smooth on the other. This, plus their use of Vibrams’ 2025 soles, builds on the transcendental nature of these boots.

Available for $565 from Blue Owl.