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Prepare For Frigid Winter Hikes With Viberg’s Short Hunter In Dark Dublin Horween leather

Are you looking for your new everyday boot that will stand up to more rugged tasks? Something that’ll hold up forever and be comfy too? Well, Viberg‘s got you covered, pal.

Viberg’s high-end offerings might not have been your first impulse, but with decades of experience and extensive archives, the company can always look back to the past for a better boot. Their Short Hunter boot in Dark Rubber Dublin is a reproduction of a hiking boot from the 1970s. The Horween veg tan leather looks gorgeous and the Vibram sole means business, but best of all is the Munson last, designed to fit wider and more comfortably, for whole days on the feet sheathed in thick socks. It’s an end-tier boot, but one that will never give out.

Available for $720 at Viberg