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Protect Ya Neck With The Factory Made’s Indigo Sashiko Muffler

The Factory Made has got an Indigo Sashiko Muffler that’s sure to keep your neck nice and warm during the upcoming frigid seasons, which we’re sure you’re craving if you’re enduring the west coast heatwave right now.

Scarves are so 2018, it’s all about mufflers now, there’s something refreshing about the shortened length and streamlined design of a muffler. You can actually cover your neck comfortably, and minimized fabric means you can wear it with almost any coat in your closet, without having to tuck in any excess into your collar.

Made in Japan, this muffler is 100% cotton fabric fleece on one side, sashiko -reinforced on the reverse side. You can wear it on a cold day, flip it out, and wear it again on an even colder day. Or just reverse the muffler when your neck is too sweaty and you need a break from all that fleece. Wear it down for that casual sophisticated look, and loop it back-through when it’s time to head out, pretty sure you can loop this over your face if you need a makeshift face covering.

Available for $115 at Clutch Cafe