Square Trade’s Incense Cones Are Hand-Dipped In Richmond, VA

Can’t wait to smell the scent of the desert before the wildfire smoke has passed? Square Trade‘s got you covered with these Incense Cones. Coming in traditional Dhoop cone form,  don’t have to worry about the spread of ash across your toilet tank… just the spread of ash in the air outside your door.

In all seriousness, Square Trade’s been serving up hand-dipped incense and other implements to make your habitat smell better for years now, and we seriously doubt you won’t enjoy these smells, despite whatever’s floating around outside your door due to humanities ongoing neglect of our planet.

Made in Richmond, Virginia, deez cones come in packs of 30, carry-able in a convenient metal tin you can use the lid of as a surface to burn the cones on. Each cone burns for upwards of 30 minutes, leaving a lingering scent for up to 4 hours, that’s up to 120 hours of good smells.

Light one of these up, relax, and pray this year gets at least 1% better.

Available for $22 at Trading Post L.A.