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Companion Denim Offers A Myriad Of Blue Hues With Its Jan 016KN Jean

For every success story, like the Levi’s 501, there are dozens of designs that have been lost to the sands of time (some for good reason). But Spanish brand, Companion Denim has dug deep into these proverbial sands to bring us a pair of jeans with an eclectic combination of workwear details you don’t see every day.

If suspender buttons and replica back pockets are your jam, you’ll definitely be intrigued by the Jan 016KN Blue Myriad jean. Chambray-lined pockets, salt and pepper camo contrast on the waistband should also intrigue you, but it’s the 14 oz. raw selvedge denim that is the real star here. Companion explains the denim has been indigo-dipped multiple times, which sounds like a process somewhat akin to hank-dyeing.

Whatever they mean, this will guarantee a nuanced and varied shade of indigo across the garment, adding to the wow factor of an already interesting slim-straight jean.

Available for a discounted pre-order for €245 (~$288USD) until 18th October at Companion Denim