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Fade Friday – Fitted Underground J16 MPD (1 Year, 1 Wash)

I’ve heard that New Yorkers don’t indigo-coat things and tell it like it is. So when Kris tells you he’s worn his Fitted Underground jeans for a year, he means it. That’s right, 365 days of actual wear. And through it all, he’s gotten his denim to age far beyond its…year!

The front side has shaved off tons of layers of indigo revealing bright hues from the lap down to the thighs. The knee craters act as spider webs holding the blown-out knees in place. Flip them over and it’s the honeycombs I can’t get enough of.

Where most honeycombs stop at the crease behind the knees, these ones dared to dream and made it as high as the mid-thigh, surely the highest I’ve seen. And I’ll never not shout out stack lines near the ankles. Just to max out the character scale, Kris has reinforced the back pockets with sashiko repairs, coincidentally achieving one of a kind link fence fades.

You can follow Kris on Instagram @DyeAndFade