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Long Wing Bluchers – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If you are looking for a classic, versatile pair of shoes then there is no better style than long wing bluchers. Often called “gunboats” for their robust size and decoration, LWBs are far from the most formal style out there but they can be easily dressed up for our business casual needs while not looking out of place with a nice pair of dark denim jeans.

1) Cheaney: Oliver II R Long Wing Blucher in Burgundy Coaching Calf

Long-Wing-Bluchers---Five-Plus-One 1) Cheaney: Oliver II R Long Wing Blucher in Burgundy Coaching Calf

If you are looking for a great, simple pair of long wing bluchers then Cheaney’s Oliver II R LWB in Burgundy Coaching Calf are an excellent option. The pattern, leather choice, and Dainite sole ensure that these shoes can be worn in a wide range of settings formality wise, and with Cheaney’s great construction you can be sure these shoes will be around for years to come.

Available for £188 from Cheaney.

2) Grant Stone: Long Wing Bluchers in Crimson Chromexcel


Grant Stone has only been around for a few years but have quickly become a fan favorite for refined, timeless footwear. Their Long Wing Bluchers in Crimson Chromexcel is one such pair, made from Horween’s famous Chromexcel leather with a 360° welt these shoes are simple, look better with each and every wear, and can be worn with your everyday wardrobe or when you’re out for the evening.

Available for $298 from Grant Stone.

3) Alden: Long Wing Blucher in Natural Chromexcel


Alden is one of the most iconic American shoes brands and their Long Wing Blucher is one of their most recognizable styles. Combine that with the popularity of Horween’s Natural Chromexcel and you have yourself a classic pair of shoes. While the light hues of natty CXL are certainly not for everyone, its softness and ability to patina are nearly unparalleled and those are the qualities that make for a great pair of everyday shoes. They’re finished with a 360º welt and leather sole, making them somehow look both rugged and refined.

Available for $611 from The Shoe Mart.

4) Meermin: Long Wing Blucher in Brown Country Calf


If you are looking for a quality pair of frugal shoes then Meermin’s Long Wing Blucher in Brown Country Calf are a fantastic choice. Not everyone likes embossed grain leathers, but they give shoes a certain old world look and help to ensure that whatever wrinkles develop blend into the leather rather than standing out. Finished on a rubber sole, these shoes have everything they need to become your next favorite pair.

Available for €170 from Meermin.

5) Crockett & Jones: Cheviot 2 in Burgundy Shell Cordovan


If you are looking for top notch pair of shoes and don’t mind paying for it then Crockett & Jones’ Cheviot 2 in Burgundy Shell Cordovan are a solid choice. As their name implies, they are made from Horween’s Shell Cordovan, which gives great visual appeal and fantastic durability. They feature a double leather outsole which adds to their robustness and overall presence while maintaining a highly refined look. While you’re paying a lot for these shoes you’re also getting a lot of shoe for your money.

Available for $1,195 from Double Monk.

Plus One – Rancourt: Long Wing Blucher in Shell Cordovan


If you are interested in a pair of shell cordovan long wing bluchers but don’t want to spend as much as C&J, then Rancourt’s Long Wing Blucher in Shell Cordovan is an excellent choice. They are affordable, come in a range of colors, and have a pattern that is actually quite different than many of the others on this list. The wingtip itself comes to less of a fine taper, which may not be attractive to everyone but works quite well with the shoe’s last shape. They are made with Blake/Rapid, which gives them flexibility and resoleability with the rigidity of a welt.

Available for $720 from Rancourt.

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