Tighten Up With Samurai’s Garrison Leather Belt

If you’re in danger of being kegged, take a look at Samurai’s leather Garrison Belt – sure to keep your pants up through many attempts of being de-pantsed. Samurai is known for its intricately crafted denim, made to wear well and last a lifetime, and these belts are no different. These strips of 10-11 oz. cowhide are heavy-duty, a full-grain leather like this won’t stretch much, if at all.

Japanese made leather goods are basically from another planet. The attention to detail from skiving the strap where the belt head lies isn’t something you’ll find on your department store belts or even a lot of other handmade belts. Nor will you find the fine, hand-burnished and painted edges that you see here, or that beefy single-prong, center-bar iron garrison buckle – the corners of which are shaped so that they won’t be as obtrusive as something more square. Did you expect anything less from Samurai?

Available for $264AUD (~$190USD) at Corlection