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Beat Lockdown Blues With Even More Blue Through Freenote Cloth’s Benson Plaid Shirt

Now, what garment says fall more than a trusty plaid shirt? Go on, we’ll wait. Anyway, this cozy comforter from Freenote Cloth will feel like a warm embrace on those crisp winter days. Or at least we think it will—don’t hold us to that.

Made from a brushed yarn-dyed flannel from Italy, it features double-needle stitch detailing, mother of pearl buttons, a custom sportswear label and comes in a ‘rinsed’ wash, meaning it’s going to feel real good straight outta the box.

The Benson is a classic overshirt and isn’t a piece which you’ll tire of as the seasons pass. Especially in this dizzying blue which is not only eye-catching and may warn off bears when you’re on the hunt (again, don’t hold us to that) but will definitely fade beautifully after years of wear.

Available for $250 at Freenote Cloth