Bolster You Winter Wardrobe With The Classic Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt

Complete your Lumberjack-inspired look this winter with Filson’s Mackinaw Jac shirt. There’s always room in the closet for classic black and red plaid, especially when it’s made to last, like almost everything Filson puts out. This is the kind of piece that ends up being part of your fall uniform, performing well in almost any weather condition thanks to that water-resistant 26 oz. virgin wool.

The Jac shirt’s loose weave means it’s not gonna be overwhelmingly hot, but you certainly won’t be cold with the 8 oz. cotton liner and synthetic lining in the sleeves. The hip pockets are lined with flannel, so you can leave the pocket warmers at home.

With a solid overskirt like this, layering is a cakewalk,  a heavyweight tee or thermal will pair perfectly, and leave trees shaking in their roots.

Available for $350 at Stag Provisions