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Fade Friday – Red Moon R-01 Wallet (3 Years)

Matt from New York is handing out free wallet envy with is R-01 wallet from Red Moon. For the last 3 years, Matt has used this wallet every day, sculpting a truly personal accessory. That’s the beauty of investing in a quality wallet — unless you have a rotation (the ultimate flex) you’re gonna see some great consistent patina molding over time which makes you feel like it’s a part of you! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the warm and toasty hues that Matt has coaxed out.

It really looks like it was expertly roasted over a fire with rich dark edges, helped along with some indigo staining, and a bright center. However, my favorite thing about this wallet evolution is the texture –  smooth as can be with a crazy shine. I can’t think of a more exciting score for a heritage wear pickpocket.

You can follow Matt @streetvintagedenim