Feel Super In Lady White Co.’s New ‘Super Weighted’ Hoodie

Looking for a hoodie with just the right quantities of slouchy and steezy? Look no further than Lady White Co.’s new Super Weighted Hoodie. In addition to the vintage style points you’ll be accumulating, you’ll be feeling super warm, thanks to the 18 oz. custom French Terry Lady White has chosen to employ.

This ‘hunter green’ hoodie has a roomy kangaroo pocket up front that you can stuff with your daily accessories, or just your frosty mitts when it’s chilly out. There’s ribbing on the cuffs and hem to keep the cold out and the fit trimmed, and raglan sleeve construction ensures that perfect sportswear drape. The hood features overlock stitching with a crossover front style, something we don’t always see on pullover hoodies.

It might be the heaviest hoodie hanging in your closet, and with the soft and warming Terry cloth interior, you might never want to pull it off. Did I mention it’s made in the USA?

Available for $216 at Lost & Found