Kapital’s Sarouel Nouvelle Pants Are Positively Strange

I’ve owned a pair of these Kapital Sarouel Nouvelle pants for a few years now and I highly recommend them. I literally just found out what Sarouel Nouvelle means (something like Novel Trousers, spelling dependent) despite writing product copy about them multiple times, but personal growth is important and all that. Anyways, these are great pants and I implore you to not let the details scare you away. Are those details weird and exaggerated? Unassailably so, but in context, they actually kind of make sense and I cannot stress how comfortable these are.

Made in Japan from a 100% cotton canvas fabric and dyed either a rich brown or true black, these WITSEC sweatpants feature an elongated ribbed waistband with an adjustable drawstring, an exposed button fly, literal foot-deep welt pockets at the front, normal welt pockets at the back, a very (very) long rise and a super baggy top block that tapers down at the ankle. I have no idea who’s worried about a work-to-play transition right now, but these rock the couch-to-coffee-window scenario with some gusto.

The only note of caution I can offer is that they can taper very hard, depending on the season, so if you want a little room near the ankle, it’s best to size em up.

Available for $262 at Blue in Green