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Kiriko Comes Through With a Plethora Of Two-Tone Custom-Dyed Bandanas

Bandanas really roared back this year. Like, it has been an objectively terrible year, but anyone in the bandana trade cleaned up. I’m not sure if it was a Big Short situation, but people are walking around looking like bandits, some concerted efforts were recently made to resurrect it as a headband and the entire category was otherwise almost instantly promoted from Fringe Accessory to Urban Outfitters Is Knocking Off Good Ones. Like all things, however, bandanas exist on a spectrum, and these Kiriko Two-Tone Custom-Dyed Bandanas are on the good end of that spectrum.

(*This is a good thing, to be very clear, but also use a real mask.)

Custom-dyed and made with a 100% cotton fabric that’s hand-printed in Oregon, these vibrant bandanas come in like 82,000 styles and feature Japanese symbols and patterns that are rendered to give off Americana vibes from afar.

Do bandanas work as well as masks? Science has said probably not, but they can go right over the top of a mask and no one would even know because you’d be wearing a bandana. And if you’re going to be wearing one on your face, these will certainly do.

Available for $36 at Kiriko

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