Kleman’s Padror Shoe Is An Affordable Wardrobe Staple

When I started wearing Paraboots a few years ago, everyone thought they were ugly. But guess what? Now everyone thinks they’re cool! And the light has been shone on other classic leather shoemakers who also champion classic utilitarian style.

Kleman is a close competitor to Paraboot when it comes to robust-but-elegant footwear. Their Padror style pretty closely mimics the Paraboot Michel, without the Norwegian welt. “Welded” onto rubber soles, these workwear classics are made from Calf leather in France, by a brand with a long history of workwear excellence. Sat upon a sturdy rubber sole that’s good enough for France’s mailmen and firefighters, these stompers will definitely serve you well.

Available for $160 at O.N.S. clothing