Zip Up Osaka-Style With Warehouse & Co.’s Lot. 451 Sweat Parka

The 60’s sweatshirt of your dreams is here and it’s called the Lot. 451 F/Z Sweat Parka from Warehouse & Co. Coming in Navy, Black, and White, this classic sweatshirt was inspired by 1960s Champion Sportswear and gets all the details right, and then some.

Firstly, it’s made from 100% loopwheeled cotton woven on vintage Swiss hanging knitting machines in Japan to recreate the appearance, texture, and aging of mid-century American sweatshirts. It’s then fitted with ribbed hems, cuffs, and features raglan sleeves for comfort and security. Finally, it enters a world of vintage fan -fiction (but maybe a reality I just haven’t seen yet) with its 50s/60s Talon zipper.

To most people, a zipper is just a zipper, but to the discerning eye, it’s a piece of art and can make or break the cool factor of a garment. In this case, this zip is the slam dunk with 1 second left when you were already 10 points ahead.

Available for $265 at Clutch Cafe