Invest In the Ultimate Layering Companion With Filson’s Mackinaw Vest

Usually, I would start with some information on the beginnings of a brand, where they’re from, and how they’ve come to be. But, y’all know this heavy hitter by now…Filson. Seattle. 1897. “Might as well have the best”. And amongst the best they are. The best at offering rugged, hard-wearing, time-honored outdoors gear and workwear that stands up to the test no matter what you’re throwing at it.

With an array of classic outerwear and luggage, Filson take cues from their workwear heritage and PNW upbringings to some downright cool classics. Here we have the Mackinaw Wool Vest in Red / Black Plaid, arguably one of the brand’s most iconic products.

Made from Filson’s proprietary 24 oz. wool fabric which originally brought the company to fame around the turn of the Twentieth Century, the Mackinaw Wool Vest features a plethora of pockets, military-grade melamine buttons, and is made in the good ole’ US of A. Oh, and wool of this quality isn’t just warm but offers breathability and water repellency as it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without compromising insulation.

Available for $150 at The Stronghold