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Kiriko Pays Tribute To Japanese Toys With Its Mingei Calendar

Okay. So first off, please don’t think I’m suggesting you use this as an actual calendar. I’m well aware that iPhones are a thing, using a traditional paper calendar is actually probably kinda impractical, and that attempting to use this specific calendar would be thrice as impractical as using a standard calendar with your favorite dog breed on it or something.

However, must we always take things so literally? In this case, I think we should just accept that this 2021 Mingei calendar from Kiriko Made is just something that looks completely awesome. Featuring kitsch illustrations of Japanese toys known as mingei, the calendar is made like a scroll with a bamboo border fitted with twine hanging string.

Hang this up by your coffee making station so you can gaze at it whilst your coffee brews, wishing you were in Japan spending hella yens rather than spending another day readjusting your home desk chair.

Available at Kiriko Made for $24