The Black Acre Issues Its Cult Card Holder In Crocodile-Print Horsebutt

I’m not sure how familiar people in 2021 are with the 1999 film Lake Placid, but it’s an actual movie about a bus-sized crocodile going full Supermarket Sweep in a fictional Maine town, improbably weaving Florida wildlife officials, bait cows (plural), a grenade launcher, an isolated old lady, more scuba diving than you’d expect and a mythology professor into the plot. Anyways, there are probably better crocodile movies, but very few better cardholders than this one from The Black Acre, which isn’t actually made from a monster crocodile or a crocodile at all, but did make me think about Lake Placid*.

(*Which then made me think about Anaconda, the better late ‘90s Big Reptile movie because it has a boat-deck pen tracheotomy and Ice Cube fighting multiple snakes and Richie Rich’s butler treating the Amazon River as a personal driving range and a young Owen Wilson being sneaky and a super-loathsome Jon Voight doing an unplaceable accent. If those sound a bit specific on their own, they are, but taken together they’re a force — a sum of its parts situation, if you will. Anyways.)

Instead, these employ a richly rendered, crocodile-embossed chromexcel horsebutt leather from Horween and are hand-cut, burnished, and stitched in leatherworker Ray Lansburg’s Fullerton, CA studio. Because details are important, each wallet has four internal card/cash slots and brown stitching, and measures in at 5”x 3.5” when folded.

If you’re in the market for a minimal, space-conscious wallet, this one is hard to beat. And if you’re in the market for reptile revenge movies, see above.

Available for $170 at Snake Oil Provisions