Fulfil Your Normcore Dreams With New Balance’s M992

Just in case your dad hasn’t already informed you, there’s a fresh drop of New Balance M992s out in the wild, so maybe you can finally stop borrowing his 990s.

Why have the 900 series Newbies become so popular in the last few years? Because they work with almost anything. These 992s are simply classic sneakers that go with great with all manner of normcore/gorp/heritage-inspired fits. Just get to stepping, there’s no point in babying a NB shoe like these, they’ll last way beyond your podiatrist-recommended 500 miles.

They’re a solid option in New Balance’s Made in the USA sneaker line up, with all the sexy materials and details you’ve come to know and love. Navy and grey pigskin suede, tonal mesh uppers, logo, heel, vamp reflector details, and white nylon laces you’ll still be tugging on when these shoes have crapped out.

Available for $196 at North American Quality Purveyors