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Grease Point Blends Workwear & 90s Climbing Gear With Its Easy Pant

Climbing Pants are an underrated character in the Pants Extended Universe. This isn’t a brave thing to say, it’s just true. By rule, they’re comfortable, mad durable, aggressively non-restrictive, thoughtfully detailed, and almost never tight — if you can find a problem here I bet you also take issue with like, ice cream or dog adoptions or Bob Ross. Anyways, these Grease Point Workwear Easy Pants have everything that’s good about climbing pants, but also are double-kneed, creating a menswear crossover episode that very much seems important.   

Inspired by a pair of climbing pants from the ’90s and made to order from start to finish in Grease Point’s US workshop, these flawless* pants feature an elastic waistband with a built-in webbing belt, double-stitched patch pockets at the front and back, a gusseted crotch for ease of movement, reinforced knee panels, triple-stitched felled seams and mil-spec hardware throughout and a loose fit with a tapered leg.

(*I haven’t tried them on so this is speculation, but I have rarely been so certain of something. I have literally zero concerns with these.)

And because variety is important, these come in three different Yoshiwa Mills pique cotton fabrics — a 10oz. black, a 12oz. tan and a 12oz. olive — that all hit particularly hard. If you don’t own climbing pants, a) why and b) this genre interpolation is a pretty perfect launch point.

Available for $259 at Grease Point Workwear