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Warehouse Is Back With More Of Its 3400 Suede Sneakers

Warehouse & Co. always takes the right cues and its 3400 Suede Sneakers that pull inspo from sneakers from the 60s/70s are no exception. In fact, these have done so well that Warehouse has churned out more batches, this time in Black and Mustard.

Featuring the aforementioned suede upper, leather heel reinforcement, and vulcanized rubbers soles in the spitting image of your dad’s childhood sneaks, these work because they are simple, classic, and super versatile. Apart from an admittedly classy heel tab log, there is is no advertising on the exterior of the shoe nor gimmicky details. This lets the suede shine through which is what you want given they will age so well.

So whether you’re on a 70s tip,  trying to upgrade your Vans, or simply looking for a high-quality sneaker with understated flash, this is your rouleaux.

Available for $169 at Lost & Found