Watch Caps II – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

It’s been several years since our last Five Plus One for watch caps, and while we stand by our picks from back then unfortunately most of those caps have been out of stock for a long time. And with winter in full swing we felt it was time to revisit the style.

Whether you’re looking for cotton, wool, cashmere, or even silk, we have you covered. But don’t blame us if you quickly find yourself with a drawer full of beanies rather than just the single piece you intended.

1) Knickerbocker: Watch Cap Type II

Watch-Caps-II---Five-Plus-One 1) Knickerbocker: Watch Cap Type II

If you are looking for comfortable and relatively affordable watch cap, then Knickerbocker’s Watch Cap Type II is a great choice, especially if you are inclined to go for a cotton cap. They’re made from 5-gauge cotton yarn and are woven on the same machinery used for some United States Army garments. Available in four colors, this is a versatile watch cap that you’ll be happy to put on whenever you venture outdoors.

Available for $40 from Knickerbocker.

2) American Trench: Recycled Cashmere Watch Cap


We can all stand to be a bit more sustainable, which is something American Trench has embraced in their Recycled Cashmere Watch Cap. Made from 99% cashmere that is cut with 1% Spandex for stretch and durability, these watch caps have that classic style we all know and love with all the warmth and comfort that only comes from cashmere. These caps are knit in Texas and come in a wide range of colors ensuring that there’s one for everyone’s wardrobe.

Available for $99 from American Trench.

3) Studio d’Artisan: Light Indigo Watch Cap


Heddels wouldn’t be Heddels if we didn’t include at least one indigo dyed watch cap, and Studio d’Artisan wouldn’t be Studio d’Artisan if they didn’t produce the best, artisan indigo garments out there. Their Light Indigo Watch Cap is made from indigo dyed, 100% cotton yarn that elevates the already beautiful watch cap into something unique and all its own. And while a bit pricier than some cotton watch caps out there this one is surprisingly inexpensive for the quality, design, and attention to detail that you’ll be getting.

Available for $60 from Okayama Denim.

4) Andersen-Andersen: Medium Knit Beanie


Andersen-Andersen makes some of the best knitwear out there so it should come as no surprise that they are the makers of some truly beautiful watch caps. Their Medium Knit Beanies are made in Italy from 5-gauge, 100% Merino wool yarn and feature a classically knitted exterior with a fully fashioned interior. They are hand linked and bar tacked, giving these caps just a few more details than the beanies out there.

Available for $75 from Division Road.

5) Scott & Charters: Pure Cashmere Ribbed Watch Cap


If you are looking for the ultimate, cashmere watch cap then Scott & Charters‘ Pure Cashmere Ribbed Watch Cap should definitely be on your list. It’s made in the United Kingdom with 100% cashmere yarn from Todd & Duncan, and is handmade to the highest quality standards, including hand linking. Available in a ton of different colors, this cashmere cap is the ultimate in winter warmth.

Available for $116 from No Man Walks Alone.

Plus One – Pherrow’s: PSWC1 Wool/Silk Knit Beanie


If you are looking for a truly unique watch cap then there is no better option than Pherrow’s PSWC1 Wool/Silk Knit Beanie. Made from a 50%/50% wool/silk blend, this made in Japan watch cap has all the elements to make it the warmest, softest, and all around most interesting watch cap out available. It’s constructed with a ridged knit and loose weave, which results in beautiful combination of pattern and texture you see before you today.

Available for $77 from Clutch Cafe.