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Freenote Cloth Goes For Buffalo-Gold With Its Latest Alta Shirt

You’re no dummy. You don’t need me to explain to you why a great heavy flannel is a crucial part of your wardrobe. You know! You’re a pro by now and your closet is likely already chock-full of great pieces. And if it’s not? Well, an armor-like flannel is a good place to start.

Freenote Cloth has a very competitive offering in the form of its new Alta shirt. This heavy cotton flannel is entirely sewn in the USA from Japanese fabrics. Horn buttons, lined sleeves, a vintage-style tag, and functional pockets all make this piece stand out nicely and the Buffalo gold plaid takes it up a notch by creating a warm, unique look that doesn’t make you look like a lumberjack wannabe.

Another future classic from the California brand, this piece begs to be worn on those chilly beach nights and cold winter frolics alike.

Available for $360 at North Menswear