ONI’s 246ZR Lets 20 oz. Denim Do The Talking

Ironically, Japanese denim maker ONI is best known for its secret denim. But trust me, ONI is much much better at making jeans than keeping a secret, which is obvious with just one look at their 246ZR 20 oz. Neat Straight Secret Denim.

Made from ONI’s crowd-pleasing low-tension weave, these 20 oz. beasts retain a soft hand feel despite their irregular, slubby texture. So what if I just broke my laptop screen trying to reach out and feel them? Using an indigo dye with a green cast, get ready for some light blue fades with greenish hues down the road.

Nailing the slim-straight silhouette without too much excess fabric hanging around, these are perfect for the modern day denim warrior, especially if you are wading into heavier denim. They’re made in Japan with plain rear pockets for Blue In Green, don’t miss your chance to analyze and steal Oni’s secret formula! Or you know, just wear them, it’s whatever you want.

Available for $275 at Blue in Green