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Could Soorty’s New Stretch Denim Save the World?


It’s certainly no secret that fashion is a wasteful industry. In fact, by some metrics, 84% of the world’s 150 billion garments that are made each year will wind up in landfills and 30% of these garments won’t even be sold! It’s also a business that can have a negative impact on one’s body image, as trying to find the ideal fit can lead to thoughts of not measuring up. In an industry scaled to generate waste and exclusivity, how can one lessen their impact on the world and create a more accepting and interesting product?

Pakistani denim manufacturer, Soorty, has found that much of the garment waste we encounter comes from the e-commerce sector. Approximately 40% of clothes bought online are the wrong size/look/feel and must be returned, adding to the unworn garment’s carbon footprint with transportation, etc. It was for this reason the brand introduced their newest line:  Re-Sync.

Re-Sync is a new kind of stretch denim with 360 degree stretch (rather than just along the weft) and 92% recovery. Re-Sync denim offers the comfort and versatility of stretch fabrics without sacrificing quality. But even more importantly, Re-Sync denim can fit an incredible variety of body shapes, accommodating people two sizes up or down from whatever the tag says, promoting inclusivity of a variety of different body types.

While not all consumers are drawn to stretch fabrics, it’s hard to argue with the sheer convenience and inclusivity of Soorty’s new technology. Re-Sync will not only cut down on returns by fitting a broader swath of people, the fabric will also grow (or shrink) with the wearer to allow them to get more bang for their buck, what we at Heddels often call cost-per-wear.

Though Re-Sync’s fabric blend is unique, what really sets it apart is Soorty’s vertical integration, which allows the creators of the innovative fabric to design garments in-house that best make use of the new technology. This lowers the cost, speeds up the process, and allows the product to get into customers’ hands faster with hopefully fewer sizing returns. They’ve also partnered with start-up Scircula further minimize waste not only among returns but in the supply chain as well.

Even beyond sustainability and convenience, Re-Sync denim has reach in expanding demographics. In an industry that is still not exactly size-inclusive, many people struggle to find garments that fit and flatter. Their imagery features both models and regular people to show how the same pair can work across many different people.

The new fabric currently comes in one fabrication and three colors, with surely many more options to come. For the friends in your life who love comfy clothes, but can never quite seem to get their fits and looks right, refer them to Re-Sync and single-handedly reduce their waste.

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