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Unique Denim Jackets Part II – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Just about everyone has a favorite denim jacket, and chances are that jacket is inspired by Levis’ Type III jacket, but that’s just the beginning. As we pointed out in our Unique Denim Jackets, the new jackets keep on coming, which is exactly why we’ve expanded our selection for six more of the most unique denim jackets out there. Whether they’re made from a unique fabric, have a unique pattern, or are just wacky in their own right, you’ll find them here.

1) Big John: Rare Selvedge Denim Jacket


Big John’s Rare Selvedge Denim Jacket doesn’t seem to be based off of any classic, denim jacket in particular, but is incredibly simplistic in its overall design. It could be argued that it’s a heavily modified Type III just without the iconic V-shaped seams on the chest and with the addition of front hand pockets, although that seems like a complicated way to describe a simple jacket. It has a slim fit, large steel buttons, and selvedge details, making it a great all-around jacket for everyday wear.

Available for $340 from Okayama Denim.

2) Kapital: Western Jacket


It should come as no surprise that Kapital is on the list, but maybe a bit of surprise that they didn’t sang the Plus One spot this week. Their Western Jacket comes in two flavors, Sumi and Kakishibu, with the change being the dye used (charcoal vs. persimmon); both fabrics are finished with indigo sashiko stitching, which really sets this jacket apart. The pattern is most closely based on the Lee Storm Rider with distinctive western flair such as wide collar, zig-zag stitch around the buttons, and nearly parallel front seam accents.

Available for $467 from Blue in Green.

3) Momotaro: 03-051 Going to Battle Jacket

Momotaro’s 03-051 Going to Battle Jacket is a heavily modified Type II jacket, with the chest pockets shrunken and shifted up, the addition of hand pockets, and of course Momo’s classic Battle Stripes on the left arm. It’s a great modernization of a classic jacket that is both unique in its own right and wearable without feeling like you’re wearing something antiquated. This made in Japan jacket uses a 12oz. denim made from Zimbabwean cotton and iron buttons.

Available for $325 from Corlection.

4) Iron Heart: 22Oz. Type III in Overdyed Indigo


Iron Heart’s 22oz. Type III in Overdyed Indigo might be another Type III in regards to the pattern, but the 22oz. overdyed indigo denim used puts this jacket in a category almost entirely made up of other IH jackets. It has all the details you’d expect from a top-notch IH jacket: poly/cotton thread, felled seams, and top quality denim. Keep in mind, 22oz. denim is heavy when made into jeans but feels significantly heavier when made into a jacket; this jacket will take some serious time to really feel worn in.

Available for $500 from Iron Heart.

5) Sugar Cane: Anniversary Edition EDO-AI Limited Jacket


Sugar Cane’s Anniversary Edition EDO-AI Limited Jacket is one of the only Type I jackets currently available, so that in and of itself sets it apart from the rest of the denim jacket market—but that is far from all. It’s made from a 30%/70% cotton/sugar cane fabric that features a blend of indigo and green-cast indigo warp yarns, iron buttons, and copper rivets. Like any good Type I interpretation this jacket has a back cinch, single front pocket, and vertical pleats down either side of the placket.

Available for $430 from Self Edge.

Plus One – Studio D’Artisan: SP-500 40th Anniversary Suvin Gold Crazy Denim Jacket


There are a lot of unique denim jackets on the market, and honestly if not for Studio D’Artisan’s SP-500 40th Anniversary Suvin Gold Crazy Denim Jacket any jacket on this list could have won the Plus One spot. But exist it does. This jacket features two distinctive patterns, one for each side. On the left side (as worn) you have a classic, Lee Storm Rider-inspired western pattern and on the right side (as worn) a Type II chest design. While beautifully envisioned and crafted, this is certainly the hardest denim jacket to wear as your daily driver, but it inarguably the most unique denim jacket available today.

Available for $375 from Denimio.

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