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Burgus Plus Issues An Overshirt Based On French Military Jackets

Tokyo-based experts in Amerkaji, Hinoya, have decades of experience in the game. From importing American denim, military gear, and sportswear, to developing an in-house brand that merges core classic styling with Japanese design sensibilities, they’re an OG in the denim game.

Burgus Plus was started in 1997 under the umbrella of Hinoya and with the philosophy of providing ‘ultimate basics’ that channel the lineage of vintage clothing styles from the mid-twentieth century. Designed to fit seamlessly into any number of styles, these are much more than straight-up reproductions.

Burgus Plus employs a modern twist and a contemporary compass in order to differentiate itself in the marketplace. The Military Shirt Jacket is a great example of the brand’s direction, taking inspiration from a vintage French military overshirt, it features a number of subtleties that take it far beyond a piece of surplus style clothing. Made in Japan from a cotton back satin, this is the kind of piece which you can throw on without thinking about it, but know it’s going to look good.

Available for ~$201 at Hinoya