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Cableami Patches Up A Pair Of Madras Bucket Hats

A good bucket hat is an essential summer accessory. If this sounds like a controversial statement, it’s because you haven’t found the right bucket hat yet. If you have? You get it. Because a good bucket can go pretty much anywhere, all summer long. Not feeling it? Put it in your pocket. Mood changes? Take it out of your pocket. Sunny? Effective. Rainy? Not effective-effective, but it’s better than nothing. Anyways, this patchwork Cableami Madras Bucket Hat is the Right Bucket Hat.

Made in Japan from an array of 100% cotton madras fabrics, this headpiece features pretty standard bucket construction (aside from the patchwork of it all), and has an adjustable sweatband, which is not standard but very much appreciated.

Cableami? I had no idea who they were before writing this. I originally thought it was spelled “Cabelami,” which would (most likely) be a cured meat, but it’s not spelled that way so no justified confusion on that front. Per Brooklyn Tailors, they are “a small company based out of Kobe, Japan focusing solely on knit hats,” which is a sentence that somehow gets better with every word. And after looking at the past Cableami pieces we’ve featured, it’s clear they don’t make no Gabagool.

Available for $130 from Brooklyn Tailors

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