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Double-Prong Leather Belts – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

For most of us, once we got into the world of raw denim it wasn’t long before we’d evolved to appreciate other garments that age with wear. That said, none patina quite as easily as a sturdy, leather belt, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best not one, but two-prong leather belts.

1) Obbi Good Label: Double-Prong Garrison Belt

Double-Prong-Leather-Belts---Five-Plus-One 1) Obbi Good Label: Double-Prong Garrison Belt

Obbi Good Label is a leather goods brand that grew popular due to their high quality materials, top-notch construction, and reasonable prices. While their prices aren’t quite as good as they used to be when compared to the rest of the market, they are still an incredibly solid option with a wide range of accessories available. Their 1.5″ Double-Prong Garrison Belt is made of 10-12oz. vegetable tanned leather that is paired with solid brass garrison buckle.

Available for $130 from Rugged Gentlemen Shoppe.

2) Art Brown: Saddle Belt


Art Brown’s Saddle Belt is another great, garrison buckle option if you are looking for a double-pronged belt. It’s made from saddle leather, which is finished a mix of waxes and fats, from the renowned J&FJ Baker tannery in the UK. The belt features very modified teardrop prong cutouts that ensures the belt is easy to put on while minimizing buckle bulge around the most frequently used belt holes.

Available for $1080HK (~$139 USD) from Pereffs.

3) Samurai Jeans: 2-Prong Heavy Curved Belt


While Samurai Jeans might be best known for their raw denim, their belts are nothing to slouch at and their 2-Prong Heavy Curved Belt is among their most interesting offerings. Made from an incredibly thick 5-8mm steer hide strap, this belt is made with a curved silhouette that makes it more comfortable before it is fully broken in. It’s finished with a shiny, brass buckle and oblong belt holes.

Available for €300 from Statement Store.

4) Vintage Works: DH5716 Handmade Leather Belt


If you are someone who likes a bit of texture on your belt then Vintage Works’ DH5716 Handmade Leather Belt is a solid option. It’s made from a 5mm roughout leather that matches beautifully with the shiny, brass buckle that it’s paired with, and is finished with oval belt holes.

Available for $159 from Denimio.

5) Pailot River: PR-VB-WPB2 Belt


Pailot River might not be the most well known brand but their leather goods, such as this PR-VB-WPB2 Belt, are beautifully designed. This belt a heavily polished garrison buckle, oblong belt holes the entire length of the strap, and an angular end cut. Available in several colors, the dark brown colorway is particularly attractive.

Available for $387 from Denimio.

Plus One – Billykirk: No. 150 Claw Buckle Leather Belt


If you want a double-prong belt that is a bit different than the rest then Billykirk’s No. 150 Claw Buckle Leather Belt is the clear choice. The unique, claw buckle offers a closure method unlike most other belts on the market while keeping the parallel belt whole aesthetic. It comes in several colors and is relatively inexpensive, making it an easy piece to add to any collection.

Available for $105 from Billykirk.

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