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Fade Friday – Homemade Braided Selvedge Denim Rug (8 Years)

If your denim believes in reincarnation, after its suffered its last rip, tear or blow out, the dream new life might be with Jesse up in Calgary, Canada. Well, as long as they don’t mind being stepped on.

We’re not worthy of Jesse because they’ve been making their own jean for years. After wearing a few pairs into the ground, they decided they hadn’t gone through enough punishment and repurposed them into the coolest braided rug. Composed of a pair of 16 oz. Cone denim, 13 oz. Cone denim, and what they thinks could be 12 oz. Candiani Mills, their masterful efforts have resulted in a 24″ x 29″ oval rug, stitched down onto a twill backing and then secured with rubber.

If we are talking fade inception this rug right here is the embodiment. Not only were the jeans faded up when they were being worn, for the last 8 years this killer denim graveyard has garnered even more layers of wear. Fades on fades.