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Get Slick This Spring With The Wolfman Barber Shop Pomade

Wolfman Barber Shop was founded by Takeshi Sohara in Tokyo and prides itself on being the real deal. From vintage paraphernalia to 1930s barber chairs and an old-school cash register, Wolfman is for those who are looking for an authentic experience, not just a haircut. Mixing classic American style and Japanese techniques, the shop has three locations in Tokyo and caters to an international clientele, so you don’t have to look like a 50’s hot rodder to get a trim (but it helps).

As you can imagine, Sohara’s enthusiasm has given birth to a range of in-house products, so you can get the Wolfman look at home or on your travels. With packaging designed by Glad Hand & Co. and all product made in Japan, this isn’t your average pomade. The Wolfman Pomade is water-based and vanilla-scented, it’s soft to apply and pliable to re-style, whilst still offering a solid hold throughout the day. Giving a classic slick, gleaming appearance, this is everything a pomade should be.

Available for $31 at Sonder Supplies.