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Fade Friday – Tellason 14 Oz. Cone Mills Jean Jacket (4.5 Years, 10 Washes)

Ken in Vancouver has worn his Tellason 14 oz. Denim Jacket for around 4.5 years but truthfully, had he said 45 years, I think we all would have believed him. Worn at least one time every day except for during the summertime, Ken truly has gotten more out of this jacket than some people get out of their vintage Levis Type IIIs!

Every square inch of this jacket has lost some amount of indigo and the variations result in some chiseled creases and way, way beyond. The arm whiskers go up and down the whole sleeve and the front panels are a thorn bush of sharp angular lines.

However, it’s the points where the fades actually tear which are the most epic. Ken has earned many of these along the arms and chest but the gnarliest example is on the back panel in the tailbone area. Find me another one of those.

You can check out Ken on Instagram @_ngenstyle