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Kapital Says No To Nukes

When I was in college, a documentary came out called Countdown to Zero and I remember basically nothing about this movie except for the part when the president of Russia (I think it was Boris Yeltsin at the time) was delivered an activated nuclear briefcase after learning of an impending American ICBM strike and only decided not to launch a retaliatory strike because he was drunk and didn’t believe that the Americans would do something like that, which was fortunate because there was no ICBM on the way and Russian radars had actually picked up a sounding rocket from Norway. There might’ve been some Doomsday Clock talk, but mostly I just learned that the world was a bottle of grain alcohol away, give or take, from all-out nuclear war. Anyways, this Kapital Jersey Crew Tee has absolutely nothing to do with that movie, but the sentiment is the same and general anti-proliferation merch probably gets the point across just as effectively.

Made in Japan from a 100% cotton jersey fabric and outfitted with exclusive Peter Max graphics — a big one on the front, a small Saturn-looking piece on the back, because Kapital keeps you on your toes — this delightful agitprop features a ribbed crew neckline, a straight hem and a message that reminds those with even passable eyesight how close we almost always are to doing an extinction event to ourselves, and also that nuclear weapons are some true late-stage species shit.

And besides, if we really are riding that second hand on the Doomsday Clock, we might as well look good doing it.

Available for $167 at Mannahatta NYC

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