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Soften Things Up With Dr. Sole’s Cushioned Insoles

Dr. Sole Originals stay looking out for your feet, and I’m not talking about their famous resole service, but their special Cushioned Insoles. For some of us, a proper insole is essential and can be the deal-breaker for any pair of shoes. Not everyone has feet that are perfectly molded to a flat pair of Converse, and for those of us who don’t, insoles are the savior.

Made from supple leather and lined with a cushion pad underneath, these insoles are gonna last a hell of a lot longer than those shitty fabric insoles from your local pharmacy. There’s even an arch-support cut-out, and you can trim them down with scissors for a perfect fit. The malleable leather will conform to the shape of your foot over time, just like your favorite pair of boots.

Available for $30 at Rugged Gentleman Shoppe