Bat Hard With Corridor’s Linen Blend Baseball Cardigan

Corridor NYC is all about combining seemingly anachronistic themes, cuts, and materials with harmonious effect. Many pieces in their newest season exemplify this approach, but some more than others.

The Baseball Cardigan is one such piece. Combining the silhouette of a classic baseball shirt with a traditional cardigan, Corridor has created an innovative and interesting new garment. As ever, an interesting cut is kicked up a few notches by an intriguing fabric, in this case, a linen/cotton blend that’s more than appropriate for the summer months. Its vertical striped pattern is subtle and conjures up an even breezier energy, certainly important in any piece of warm-weather outerwear.

Best of all, it’s made by skilled artisans in Corridor’s amazing partner facility in India that has done more than prove itself as the years have gone by.

Available for $165 at Corridor NYC