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Freewheelers’ USN Deck Worker Jacket Is Back

Channeling the USN A2 Deck Jacket with a little N-1 thrown in there for good measure, Freewheelers & Co. USN “Deck” Worker Jacket has stripped away everything frivolous about a jacket, leaving a timeless design in its wake. Featuring what looks to be a yarn-by-yarn reproduction of vintage Navy jungle cloth, this jacket provides great protection from the cold, the wind, and the rain, while forging some sneaky fades along the way.

This Fort Knox of a jacket features adjustable cuffs and hems, in addition to a button and zipper closure at the front. The zipper, by the way, is modeled after a 30s Talon zipper — a detail which you didn’t need to know — but I don’t get many opportunities to flex my zipper knowledge, so I’m not going to miss my shot.

Lined with a soft, brushed moleskin and finished off with fresh stencils, this Japan-made jacket probably won’t see any actual deck time, but you just know it would be prepared.

Available for $792AUD (~$615USD) from Corlection